Assisted Living Amenities

We offer all of the senior care amenities in Pueblo West that you could ever need.


Our facilities at Columbine Chateau will captivate you. Everything is designed to make your life as simple as possible so you can genuinely appreciate the quality of life living in a community offers. Residents of our community can relax and unwind in our music room, gym, or any other activity they want. Everything we do is designed to make your life as enjoyable as possible. Our senior caregivers in Pueblo West relish the opportunity to ensure that you are cared for and that you live each day to the fullest. Our community allows our residents time to relax and enjoy every day, while being nurtured and cared for by a community of friendly and caring people.

Our Pueblo West senior caregivers offer personal, transportation, and memory services, providing all of the amenities that you need. It is our goal to ensure you are not only being treated like royalty, but you can also enjoy a relaxed lifestyle where you no longer have to worry about a thing! We provide delicious and healthy meals, our entire home is accessible for walkers and wheelchairs, and our environment is safe and comfortable.

We offer not only the basics such as cable TV, books, music, magazines, but our Pueblo West senior caregivers also have a wide range of different kinds of activities on a daily basis. Our activities can include cookouts, exercise, music therapy, fun trips to the movie theater and much more! You will no doubt enjoy every day when you stay with us and become part of our family. We also celebrate a wide array of different holidays such as Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and much more!

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