7 Reasons to Choose Residential Assisted Living

While retirement is often a wonderful and exciting time for seniors, it can also present some challenges. Facing issues like reduced mobility or a chronic health condition, you might be unable to do everything as you’d planned.

Moving to a residential assisted living community in Pueblo West could be the perfect solution if you’re feeling trapped, socially isolated, or physically unable to do the things you want to in retirement. Opening the door to a more manageable lifestyle, senior residential care can empower you to live the independent life you always envisioned.

What is Residential Assisted Living?

When looking at senior care options, consider a few levels of care, including home health, assisted living, and residential assisted living. Residential assisted living allows for more independence than a nursing home while still offering tailored support with activities of daily living (ADLs). Residents usually live in a home-like setting, with a private or shared bedroom and bathroom, plus access to shared social, living, and dining areas.

Here are seven excellent reasons to consider moving to residential assisted living.

Activities of Daily Living Support.

Activities of daily living (ADLs) include showering, brushing teeth, using the bathroom, eating, and moving around. In residential senior living, professional caregivers are available day and night to assist with these activities as required. ADL support should be tailored to your needs, so you can receive the right level of assistance to help you live well while retaining your independence.

To ensure you get the right type of support, you may be invited to meet with community staff alongside any of your family caregivers to create a tailored care plan before moving in. This plan will guide your care based on your needs and wishes and can be adjusted at any time should these change.

Specialist Care.

Some residential senior living communities offer multiple levels of care to suit residents with various needs and health conditions. For example, at Columbine Chateau, we provide expert memory care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Some communities may offer hospice or respite care or rehabilitative services like occupational and physical therapy.

Accessible Classes and Activities.

One of the most common challenges aging seniors face is becoming unable to get out of the home to enjoy hobbies and social activities. This challenge could be due to many reasons, from reduced mobility to incontinence or lack of transportation. Most residential assisted living communities host on-site classes, activities, and events for residents to enjoy together. At Columbine Chateau, our offerings include music, dancing, painting classes, BBQs, Bible studies, and even regular outings to the local movie theater.

Freshly Prepared Meals and Snacks.

During retirement, getting to the grocery store and preparing and cooking meals can become much more difficult. This difficulty is often due to barriers, including lack of transportation, poor mobility, or Alzheimer’s disease. In a residential assisted living setting, you can enjoy three meals daily, usually with snacks. Meals are tailored to nurture the dietary needs of seniors and individual residents while also incorporating resident favorites.

Housekeeping and Laundry.

A clean environment is a great way to help maintain your physical and mental health. The benefits of a clean home include reduced stress, a better night’s sleep, and a warm and welcoming environment for guests. Keeping the home tidy and free from clutter can also help remove tripping hazards, potentially reducing your fall risk.

Residential senior living takes the stress out of home management and maintenance. For example, at Columbine Chateau, our personal care team will gladly take care of your laundry, and housekeepers ensure that shared and private spaces remain clean, fresh, and tidy. Additionally, with less time spent on home maintenance, you can dedicate your time to enjoying your hobbies and activities.

Support and Education.

If you’re dealing with a condition like memory loss, having adequate support and education is vital. The right residential assisted living community will be able to offer helpful advice and support for residents and family caregivers. At Columbine Chateau, we have seen the positive impact of adequate education and a supportive environment on our residents and their families. As a result, we’re proud to offer educational programs covering various topics related to senior health, plus essential information about our services.

New Opportunities.

Moving to a new home often includes new places to explore, friendships to nurture, and new activities to discover. Moving to senior residential living is the same. Situated in Pueblo West, Columbine Chateau is close to numerous great spots for camping, hiking, and golf and is surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Pueblo West is home to a great range of shopping districts, museums, and restaurants where you can socialize with old and new friends.

Finding the right senior care community that can adequately meet your needs while providing the lifestyle you want is possible but may take some time to select the community that meets your needs best. If you think senior residential living might be an option, it’s always worth exploring and making a shortlist early. To find out more about our residential assisted living senior care community, give us a call today to organize a private tour.