Activities That Make Seniors Happy

For many seniors, the benefits of moving to an assisted living facility are aplenty. From housekeeping services and delicious home-cooked meals to personalized care and support with activities of daily living, residents are granted the time and freedom to live life their way. But quality care alone will only allow seniors to live their best life if they also have the chance to engage in hobbies in their newfound free time.

Which activities come to mind when you think of assisted living communities?

It’s a common misconception that senior care facilities only offer limited activities. Things like bingo and knitting may have been the first ideas to emerge; if you thought this, you wouldn’t be alone. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. As 2022 draws to a close and the new year is fast approaching, assisted living is a world away from what it once was. With cutting-edge technology, seniors can enjoy more exciting activities.

Here are six great activities in assisted living communities in 2023!

          1. Livestreamed Events

Since COVID-19, a lot has changed. From infrastructure, hygiene precautions, and daily habits, most people’s lives have been altered in some way. Live streaming became much more commonplace during the pandemic, and this adaptation is here to stay. In this modern world, you no longer have to go to an event – the event can come to you.

This technology is invaluable for seniors with reduced mobility who can’t get out and about as quickly as they once could. With live streaming, seniors can have experiences they would never have been able to enjoy in person or engage in classes, activities, and talks from the comfort and safety of home. Livestreamed activities in residential assisted living communities could include spiritual sessions, religious services, arts and crafts classes, museum tours, or concerts.

2. Technology for Seniors

Technology can also be utilized in residential assisted living through apps and programs aimed at seniors. For example, some communities have access to platforms that offers a library of content geared towards seniors that can be used for group activities on a widescreen or to explore personal interests with tablets.

Technologies like this can increase the range of activities available to residents without the time and monetary constraints that delivering each training in person can bring. Technology can open the door to an endless supply of social, spiritual, physical, and cognitive activities to boost seniors’ quality of life, health, and happiness regardless of their needs and mobility. In residential assisted living, seniors can also get valuable support from caregivers through free entertainment platforms like YouTube.

3. Mindfulness and Meditation

The popularity of mindfulness and meditation has skyrocketed in recent years, and residential assisted living homes also recognize the benefits. Many senior care facilities host activities like group-guided meditations or visualizations. These sessions can encourage calm, relaxation and peace while also helping to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Meditation sessions may be accompanied by specific scents, lighting, or sounds to help seniors engage the senses and immerse themselves in a powerful guided imagery experience.

4. New Therapies

While physical, speech and occupational therapy are still fundamental tools, these are no longer the only therapies available in residential assisted living communities. Activities like pet, art, and music therapy are becoming increasingly popular. These new therapies can allow seniors to express themselves creatively, make social connections, relax and unwind.

5. Traditional Activities

Of course, some old favorites are favorites for a reason, and they’re going nowhere anytime soon! Timeless classics like bingo, dominoes, and card games are usually offered in any senior care community, but they aren’t the only options available anymore.

6. Seasonal Activities

With the holidays in full swing, assisted living facilities in Colorado host many joyful festive activities and events. For example, in the lead-up to the holidays, senior care homes often host themed activities like baking, lively movie nights, or arts and crafts.

Is there something your loved one enjoys that isn’t on the list? Make a suggestion! Residential assisted living facilities are open to feedback and input from their residents and family caregivers – not just on activities but on any part of daily life in the community. 

The holiday season is the perfect time for family caregivers to reflect on the year passed. Suppose your senior loved one has been less able to participate in activities. In that case, if they lack confidence due to reduced mobility or transportation issues, discuss with them the range of activities offered by residential assisted living. By starting your search for the ideal community early, your loved one can take the time they need to find a facility offering the activities they’re most interested in pursuing.

To discover more about the enriching activities our residents enjoy each day, get in touch or book a tour of our lively community. We look forward to meeting you!