The Soul of Senior Care: Giving Thanks to Professional and Family Caregivers

Take a look at just how residential assisted living in Pueblo West can put your mind at ease, offering daily reassurance that your loved one is as happy, healthy and fulfilled as possible.

After a year in which senior healthcare and residential assisted living were thrust into the limelight and forced to adapt to challenging, unforeseen circumstances, many of us paid tribute to the professional caregivers in our lives this Thanksgiving. In this spirit, we’d like to take a moment to show our gratitude and reflect on the wonderful work of both professional and family caregivers.

6 Reasons to be Thankful for Professional Caregivers

  1. They help seniors live life to the full. Providing a holistic combination of compassionate personal care, assistance with activities of daily living and social and emotional support, professional caregivers strive to help seniors live a life as rich, independent and fulfilling as possible. Each day, they leave no stone unturned in their mission to constantly improve the experience of seniors in residential care.
  2. They have kind, compassionate hearts. Deep compassion is at the core of everything professional caregivers do, whether they work in home health, residential assisted living or a skilled nursing facility. Adapting to needing additional support can be difficult for seniors, particularly when it comes to activities like washing, bathing and dressing. Professional caregivers fully understand this, and are dedicated to offering care that runs much deeper than practical support.
  3. They offer support during difficult moments. Moving from living independently at home to residential assisted living in Pueblo West can be daunting for seniors. For families, seeing a loved one’s health decline as they age or deal with a condition like Alzheimer’s disease is often just as difficult. Professional caregivers offer the valuable emotional support seniors and families need to feel uplifted and understood in their journey.
  4. They ease the burden on family caregivers. As a loved one ages, many family caregivers find themselves being forced to give up precious family time, hobbies or work in order to meet their relative’s needs. This can impact greatly on the whole family, but professional caregivers can help ease the pressure on the shoulders of family caregivers. Whether a professional caregiver visits a senior at home or supports them in residential assisted living, they grant family caregivers the freedom to live their own lives, safe in the knowledge that their relative is happy and healthy.
  5. They dedicate themselves to their profession. Being a professional caregiver takes a truly special type of person, and those who opt for this career path do so out of the kindness of their heart and a true passion for making a difference. Caregiving is so much more than a career, and many professional caregivers devote themselves to changing the lives of seniors for the better both in and outside of their work.
  6. They stand with seniors through adversity. Working in health and social care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging, and these challenges were felt acutely by professional caregivers in residential assisted living facilities in CO. As the pandemic grew and developed in front of our eyes, these dedicated caregivers worked on the frontline to protect and serve the seniors they care so deeply for. The challenges the past year presented are a true testament to the resilience, kindness and dedication of professional caregivers.

We’re Grateful for Family Caregivers, too!

With National Family Caregivers Month having ran throughout November, let’s not forget the work of the thousands of selfless family caregivers in the US. As a residential assisted living facility, Columbine Chateau recognizes and fully understands the daily sacrifices family caregivers make to help their senior loved one live well. Loving family caregivers often push aside their own careers, social lives and hobbies to prioritize their beloved relative, and truly serve as living proof that love conquers all.

Family and professional caregivers also work together in perfect harmony. With shared compassion, they enrich the lives of seniors each and every day. When a senior moves to residential assisted living, family caregivers can offer valuable insight into their care needs. From their daily schedule to the little things that will make them feel at home, professional caregivers value the input of those their patients love most.

In return, professional caregivers can greatly ease the burden on family caregivers, allowing them to live their life with the peace of mind that their loved one’s needs are being met. Ultimately, this support allows family caregivers to take their own lives out of standby mode, without sacrificing precious quality time with their aging loved one.

We’re Grateful for Family Caregivers, too!

As a residential assisted living facility, we recognize the daily efforts of both professional caregivers and family caregivers at Thanksgiving and beyond. If you’re a family caregiver and feel your loved one’s care is becoming too complex to manage alone, we’re here to support you. Get in touch or arrange a tour to find out how we can help you balance your loved one’s care with your own needs.