Life In a Residential Assisted Living Home

Experience passionate services, engaging activities and enriching meals every day at Columbine Chateau at Pueblo West.

If you’re researching assisted living in Pueblo West for a loved one, you may have questions about what life is like in a senior living community. You may wonder, will my loved one’s independence be compromised? What supportive care is offered? How will my loved one spend their day? Will the community serve meals my loved one enjoys eating? Will my loved one be cared for the way I would care for them? These questions and many others you may have are all understandable and what many family members ask when considering senior living communities in Colorado.

We want to put your mind at ease and provide you with the answers you’re looking for. As a residential assisted living home in Pueblo West, Columbine Chateau customizes care plans to meet each resident’s specific needs, providing the perfect balance of support and independence your loved one deserves.

Let’s explore how a typical day in our senior residential community might look for your loved one.

Beginning The Day

For our residents who require help getting ready in the morning, our professional caregivers provide the support with activities of daily life (ADLs) like bathing, dressing and medication management they need. For residents who can manage getting ready in the morning on their own, our caregivers are available when they need support.

At Columbine Chateau, we value and support our residents need for independence. If a resident needs assistance with their morning routine, our experienced, trained caregivers offer respectful, courteous support. Our caregivers are there to provide residents with a helping hand, encouraging a great day ahead.

Once residents are ready, our wonderful caregivers greet them in the dining room for a healthy, delicious breakfast with friends. Residents can also choose to eat breakfast in their room if they wish to have a quieter breakfast alone. Our caregivers check on our residents routinely to make sure they are well taken care of.

After breakfast, residents participate in several programs available to them based on likes and interests. Our activities are group and individual based and provide a range of physical, cultural, social and spiritual programs. We offer variety allowing our residents to participate in activities they love while providing opportunities to learn something new.

In the Afternoon

Our residents are free to spend the afternoon as they wish. When not enjoying many of our fun outings, many of our residents participate in programs we offer spending time with friends having fun and enjoying socialization. Residents may also have medical, salon and other appointments. We ensure that our residents don’t miss these appointments that are important to their health, selfcare and how they feel providing transportation to and from appointments.

Residents may also wish to have quiet time reading a book, enjoying a puzzle or taking a nap. Whatever they want to do, our caregivers will ensure their wishes are met while ensuring their health, safety, and quality of life.

During the Evening

In the evening, our residents enjoy a nutritious and delicious meal. Although tailored to resident needs, we offer alternatives to cater to specific dietary requirements a resident may have.

After dinner, our residents like to socialize with friends, watch television, enjoy a game of cards, or retire to their room for the night. For those who need assistance, our caregivers are on hand to help residents with bathing and dressing and assist with getting safely into bed. For residents who do not need extra assistance, they go to bed when ready with our caregivers attentively checking in to make sure they’re ok.

We provide a call system in the event of resident emergencies, or if residents need assistance going to the bathroom during the night. What’s more, you can rest assured knowing your loved one is in a community that is safe and secure and that there is someone on hand to help at all hours.

Additionally, our residents’ rooms are always kept clean as we provide daily housekeeping as well as laundry services for every resident!

Moving into an assisted living community can feel overwhelming, but our residents have found the transition to be a positive one because moving to Columbine Chateau is like moving from home to home.

We’d love to speak with you about your loved ones needs. We offer tours of our community daily. Contact us today for more information on what life at Columbine Chateau can look like for your loved one. We’re ready to welcome you and your loved one today!