What Costs Can I Expect to Pay for Assisted Living?

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Finding a home-from-home residential assisted living community in CO that caters to you or your loved one’s unique personal care, medical, social and transportation needs can feel daunting. There’s certainly a lot to consider and, for many families, cost is an important factor, too.

If you’re unfamiliar with the costs associated with residential assisted living, it’s natural to be a little overwhelmed. We’re here to unpack this, so you can feel empowered in the decision you make.

An Overview

Many seniors and their family members initially view residential assisted living as the “expensive option.” However, when we consider that most essentials are often included within the monthly fee, many families find that residential senior living is more cost effective. Though costs do vary slightly between assisted living facilities, let’s break down what you can generally expect to pay.

Costs to Consider

For aging adults and their family caregivers considering residential assisted living in Pueblo West, here’s a list of costs families should take into consideration:

  • Private or shared room
  • Meals
  • Maintenance and utilities
  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • Social, physical, cultural, and recreational activities
  • Personal care
  • Medication assistance
  • Incontinence care
  • Toiletries, beauty products and hairdressing
  • Telephone service
  • Cable TV

What’s Included in the Monthly Fee?

Some assisted living communities work on an ‘a la carte’ basis, offering a basic fee package as standard, with additional services that can be added on a ‘as you need’ basis as care needs change. Not only does this mean that care will be personalized, but that the money you pay should directly reflect the specific services required.

Here’s what is normally included in assisted living monthly fees:

Basic Monthly Fee

Most assisted living communities charge a basic monthly fee, including a minimum for a private or shared bedroom and two or three hot meals per day. This baseline fee is usually also inclusive of utilities, housekeeping, maintenance and, often, organized social, cultural, and physical activities.

What May or May Not Be Included?

Certain services are included within the basic monthly fee at some assisted living facilities but are not at others. Personal care like assistance with bathing and dressing, and medication assistance both fall into this category. Some communities also include recreational transportation and escorting to appointments as standard.

If you or your relative require any of these services, be sure to ask which (if any) are included within the basic fee and, if not, whether they are available at an additional cost.

Additional Costs

Residents and their families should expect to incur some additional costs on top of the basic fee, though how much this will be depends on the assisted living community you choose. Additional costs can include items like Cable TV, telephone, personal toiletries, beauty supplies, laundry, and services like hairdressing. Typically, complex medication management, assistance with incontinence and other ancillary services are also not included within a facility’s basic fee.

When considering residential care homes in Pueblo West, ask what services are included in the monthly fee and what are available at an additional cost.

Alternative Pricing Structure – All Inclusive Fees

Although many assisted living communities quote based on the specific assessed needs of a senior adult, some communities offer an all-inclusive fee system. In this system, one monthly fee covers everything offered by the facility, including things like personal care and daily assistance, alongside housing and meals.

If your loved one requires most of the services offered, this pricing structure can be a great way to keep costs simple. However, if personal care or daily assistance are not needed, choosing a community offering the ‘a la carte’ system may be more fitting and cost-effective.

Other Items to Consider

According to the Genworth Financial Cost of Care Survey, the average cost of assisted living in the US is $4300 per month, however this figure can vary dramatically. First and foremost, fees and additional costs will usually depend heavily on the level of care needed, and whether more medically orientated services are required. Other factors like staff-to-resident ratio, location and facility features can affect overall costs, too.

For example, a residential assisted living community with luxury services like tennis courts will cost more than another with more standard features. If you would prefer a private bedroom, this will also be more costly than a shared room. Before you or your family start your search be sure to be aware of your loved ones needs as well as your budget.

Consider what services are needed as well as what extra amenities would be a bonus. Be sure to inquire about how these services are priced, and whether they are included as standard or charged as an additional cost. Finding the perfect residential assisted living community that suits both your budget and your needs takes planning but is achievable.

At Columbine Chateau, we’re here to help make your assisted living search easier. If you have questions about the costs of residential assisted living in our community, please contact us or call us today!